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  • How much do I have to earn to declare my income to HMRC? Good news if you earn £1,000 or less from an income source, not only do you not have to pay income tax on it, you also do not need to declare it to HMRC! If you do earn more although you will […]

  • Did you know that as an employer, you can now provide trivial benefits such as a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, a meal out, gift voucher etc without having to put it on the P11D and without any tax or national insurance for either employer or employee. The employer will also be entitled […]

  • 31 Jan is nearly here! It’s the tax deadline but have no fear! If you need a really good accountant give LeeP a try. We keep our prices fixed, we are not sly. So go ahead and be merry Enjoy your turkey and even a sherry Rest assured your accounts are in good hands So […]